The Tantric Massage seeks pleasure and causes a much more intense and singular orgasm… after the special contact with the hands of our masseuses… It includes contact with the most sensitive parts of the male and female sexual organs.

In Tantric Massage, the physical contact of the masseuse with your body is never lost… as well as being merged into endless caresses and hugs… The Lingam or Yoni will be the techniques which with this massage will end.


The Body to Body massage or Nuru, is the erotic massage basically made with the breasts of the masseuse. She will slide through your body in a slow and full of sensuality way. This is one of the most requested massages due to the degree of excitement that it causes.


The Chiromassage is one of the most practiced massage techniques nowadays in Western countries. In this massage, our masseuse concentrates on the area of the body where the muscle needs to be relaxed… This massage will come with an excellent erotic massage (exclusive of our centre) and will end with a Lingam massage or Yony.


With the sensitive massage you will experience an intense relaxation both mental and corporal. Our masseuse will awaken all your senses with her gentle caresses with which you will experience a relaxing and sensual relaxation. The masseuse will use both oil and cream (cold and warm) and through this combination you will get a very intense climax.

You can combine this massage with a Body Body or Nuru massage so you will be able to enjoy a very subtle combination. This massage is highly erotic because of the contact of the two naked bodies… And so you will be able to transport yourself to a pleasure never lived before.


Yoni Massage is a tantric massage which focuses on sexual organs of women… It is a very erotic and sensitive massage, with which the woman will be able to reach an intense orgasm full of pleasure… The masseuse will focus basically on massage the clitoral area with subtle movements… What we seek with this massage is to slow down the orgasm in order to make it more intense and relaxing.



Lingam massage is a tantric massage that focuses on male sex organs… it’s extremely sensitive and erotic. The masseuse gives the massage in circles and she slowly goes up along the perineum until the glans… The masseuse, through this massage, wants to delay ejaculation and that man achieves a more intense orgasm.


With the Prostate Massage, the man reaches orgasm in a very special way… being even more intense  than the genitals orgasms. After a good relaxing massage (where testicles will be stimulated), the masseuse will introduce her fingers into the man’s anus, gently and in circular movements which will produce a much more pleasure sensation… With this massage, the man will experiment a pleasure moment never imagined.



This kind of massage combines any detailed massage from the list but it is given by two masseuses in perfect synchrony and complicity. This massage will allow you dive into a very, very special session in which the choreography of both masseuses will let you live a fantastic experience which will uniquely fulfill your fantasies.


Whenever you wish to live a special moment… romantic or you only want to give a surprise to your couple, you will be able to surprise her with a sensitive and erotic massage for couples.

In these sessions you can choose the intensity, kind of massage and the masseuse. This massage includes a shower with hydromassage or erotic bath, erotic accessories, a bottle of cava or any other drink and then, some privacy time for the couple.